An engineering manager is an extremely valuable staff member. In today’s manufacturing climate, engineering managers are vital employees for ensuring that your business continually adapts and evolves.

engineering recruitment job agencies cardiff newport swanseaHere are typical responsibilities of an engineering manager:

  • Complete responsibility beginning from the planning stages to final execution.
  • Co-ordinate and work with project managers in other offices to achieve results.
  • Possess knowledge in different engineering disciplines, policies and procedures which bring about business development.
  • Ensure that projects are completed properly and on time.
  • Remain updated on the latest technology happening across the globe, in relation to the engineering industry.
  • Train and motivate co-workers to achieve the goals of the company.
  • Develop long-term plans and strategies for business development.
  • Supervise and lead engineers, technicians and scientists in designing machinery, planning and developing projects, and oversee production and quality control.
  • Coordinate and direct operations, production, quality assurance, testing and maintenance in industrial plants.

An engineering manager will typically require the following skills and qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering.
  • Master’s degree in engineering management or a Master’s degree in business administration (MBA).
  • Practical application of engineering science and technology. This includes the application of techniques, principles, equipment and procedures to the design and production of different goods and services.
  • Identification of complex problems and review of related information for the evaluation and development of options and implementation of solutions.
  • Communications and administrative skills in addition to technical knowledge in their field of specialty.
  • Fully grasp the implications of new information for both current and future decision-making and problem-solving.
  •  Analysis of product needs and requirements for the creation of a design.
  • Consideration of relative costs and benefits of potential actions so as to choose the best one.

While recruiting an engineering manager, be sure to focus on the most important needs of your organisation, as well as what goals you wish the person to achieve. For example, are you looking for someone to direct, review, and approve product design and changes? Will they be responsible for the development and maintenance of staff competence? Will they be in charge of the installation, testing, operation, maintenance and repair of equipment and facilities?

It is to be expected that each engineering manager will posses their unique strengths and weakness, as determined by their own experience. It is therefore important to understand your key focus during recruitment, such that you are able to choose the best person with the appropriate skills.

Here is where Sigma Recruitment can assist:

We have manually built and established a database of engineering managers based in the South Wales and South West regions. Each candidate has been individually key worded, and would undergo a thorough pre-screening before their CV is submitted. Ultimately, our challenge as recruiters is to find employees whose values match those of your organisation.

The experience of our consultants guarantees that they understand the requirements of our clients, and take great pride in providing quality services. Before the recruitment campaign beings, our consultants ensure that they thoroughly understand the requirements of the role. Upon receiving the job specifications, the consultants read through it extensively then generate questions to discuss with the client so as to clarify the areas that require focus.

Once confident of our full understanding of the client’s needs, we will invite the prospective candidates for a discussion on the role. The candidates will undergo a thorough pre-screen and details of those who pass will be emailed across to the client. We prepare all CVs in an easy to read format and include our specialised Sigma Recruitment cover sheet. This features the salary details, candidate location, notice period, as well as accompanying notes that clearly list our reasons for presenting the candidate to you. Sigma Recruitment is a recruitment agency that is a cut above the rest. We look forward to partnering with you for your future recruiting success.

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