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If you’re looking for a semiconductor recruitment agency, then Sigma Recruitment is adept at recruiting for semiconductor specialist positions across the UK. We’ve secured top talent for positions that range from staff up to senior management level and provide recruitment support for a variety of semiconductor component manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and research & development organisations.

We can supply both permanent and temporary recruitment services.

Case Study

The Client

We worked with a small supplier in the semi-conductor sector whose specialities included a wide range of products and services specific to semiconductor manufacturing.

The Vacancies

Some of the required roles included:

  • Process technicians
  • Process engineers
  • Equipment engineers

The Challenges

As a smaller company in a technical industry, this client faced very particular challenges.

  • Being a small company, they couldn’t offer the more varying shift patterns and high shift allowances of a larger competitor.
  • Their location was somewhat removed from the main ‘cluster’ of companies in their sector, meaning there were a lower number of local candidates with experience in their sector.
  • They still required niche experience in their sector, as some of the technology, equipment and processes can be very specialized.
  • The candidate’s personality fit for the long term was a very important factor for the team overall.

The Solution

Sigma Recruitment took the time to fully understand both the technical requirements of each role and the type of personality needed for a great fit.

  • We expanded our search to other types of industry experience that the client would consider for certain roles.
  • We worked closely with our HR contact to understand any changes on-site, and to stay aware of the cultural needs in certain departments.
  • The team drafted SEO advertisements for the roles and posted across multiple job boards, social media platforms and our own website. We focused on more benefits like good working hours to appeal to candidates.
  • We crafted a sourcing plan in order to leave no stone unturned, then deployed it across our network of databases both in-house and online.
  • Our team didn’t stop with calls: we reached out to candidates via text messages, emails, and answerphone messages who presented the closest fit to our criteria. We provided them with initial information, a link to the advert for them to review and ways in which to contact us.
  • We undertook detailed pre-screening interviews to confirm candidates for both skills and personality fit.
  • Sigma sent a job information pack to all candidates who expressed interest in the role and matched the client’s criteria at the end of the screening process to confirm their interest.
  • We provided the client with detailed notes from our screening interviews to highlight candidate qualifications.
  • We managed all stage one and two interviews.

The Results

Over years of working with this client, we have always been able to successfully find candidates that fulfil their needs. From a mix of different engineering-focused roles across different areas in their business, we’re proud to say that we always find a solution.

About Sigma Recruitment

Since Sigma Recruitment opened for business back in 2005, we’ve developed an enviable reputation as one of the leading independent recruitment agencies. We’ve recruited for a wide variety of companies, from Fortune 500 firms with sales in the hundreds of billions to niche high-tech start-ups and everything in between, across the United Kingdom.

If you’re looking to recruit candidates with engineering, technical, supply chain, procurement, logistics, management, scientific or STEM graduates in the semiconductor manufacturing sector then, Sigma Recruitment is ideally placed to help you find the elusive high calibre talent you’re business needs. If you’re looking for a semiconductor manufacturing recruitment agency, then please book a call with our founding director today!

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