At Sigma Recruitment, we understand the importance of finding the right candidate for your role. That’s why we offer our services as an international engineering recruitment agency. We have a global network of talent to help UK-based recruiters find the ideal candidates from overseas.

Why Recruit International Candidates from Overseas

The engineering and manufacturing sector faces significant skill gaps in various areas such as automation, digitalisation, and specialised technical skills. Companies struggle to find the right candidates for these roles within the UK, leading to a shortage of qualified workers.

Recruiting from overseas allows companies to access a wider pool of talented and skilled individuals, who have the expertise required to bridge the gap. This is particularly important in today’s globalised world where companies need to stay competitive and innovative. By recruiting internationally, companies can fill the skill gaps in their teams, bring fresh ideas and perspectives, and create a diverse workforce that reflects their global outlook.

Let Sigma Recruitment Handle International Recruitment Challenges

In the engineering and manufacturing sectors, companies face specific challenges when recruiting overseas candidates. Firstly, finding candidates with the right technical expertise and qualifications can be difficult, particularly if there are different standards or qualifications in different countries. Also, time zone differences can make it difficult to arrange interviews and communicate with candidates in real time.

However, despite these challenges, recruiting from overseas can be essential for companies to bridge the skill gaps in their teams and access a diverse pool of talented individuals. Let Sigma Recruitment’s team help you navigate through the potential pitfalls of international recruitment.

Unlock Your Global Network of Talent

We have built our network through years of experience and expertise, helping to bridge the gap in skills between the UK and other countries. With our international recruitment services, you can unlock the best candidates from around the world.

Our Global Reach

Our international recruitment services allow you to access a world of engineering and manufacturing talent. We have a global reach and a vast network of contacts, making it easy for you to find the perfect candidate for your role. Our team of expert recruiters adopt a consultative approach to find the right candidate for your specific needs, tapping into a wealth of international recruitment experience.

Engineering and Manufacturing Sectors Sigma Recruits for Internationally

Typical International Engineering Recruitment Assignments

Why Work With Sigma Recruitment for International Vacancies

As specialists in International Engineering and Manufacturing recruitment, we become an invaluable extension of your team. Our industry knowledge sets us apart from the competition and combined with experience and expertise in international candidate recruitment we provide a comprehensive and results-driven service.


When there is a skills gap in the UK, our international recruitment services can help you to reduce this gap by looking overseas. We understand that these roles can be difficult to fill, so our team of experts will take our unique consultative approach to help you eliminate skill gaps that may exist in your business. To see our approach click here.


Our experienced team understands the importance of finding the perfect candidate for your role. Through meticulous consideration of your ideal recruitment profile, we can use our extensive network of engineering and manufacturing talent to find the best candidate for your role. We have recruited from and in a wide range of countries such as Turkey, India, South Africa, Egypt, Israel, Pakistan, Philippines, Nigeria, Portugal, Ukraine, EU, Zambia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, UAE, Jordan, and the USA.


We are experts in engineering and manufacturing international recruitment, and we can provide expert services to reduce the headaches of employing candidates from overseas. We have a network of professional contacts such as solicitors who can handle VISA applications and administration.

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