The automotive industry has long been a vital contributor to the UK economy. According to The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), automotive manufacturing contributes £67 billion in revenue and £14 billion in value added to the UK Economy. It also invests around £3 billion each year into research and development.

Other vital statistics include:

Post Covid Trends for Car Manufacturing

The SMMT has also published figures that production witnessed growth in October 2022. They reported that there was a 7.4 per cent year on year rise. However, this is still 48.4 per cent lower than October 2019 during pre covid times. So, that’s half the level of production post covid compared to pre covid.

As the Covid pandemic continues to disrupt automotive production around the world, many are watching closely for signs of recovery. Some analysts predict that post-Covid growth may be hampered by continued supply chain issues and limited access to key components. Nevertheless, many automotive manufacturers in the UK are striving to increase production of electric and hybrid vehicles, as part of a broader push towards net-zero emissions. But the industry requires further investment and support for affordable energy and attract top talent.

What are the Job Prospects in the Car Manufacturing Industry

The automotive industry in the UK has seen a major shift since the onset of COVID-19. The effects have been felt across many aspects of automotive manufacturing, from recruitment, to production, and more. In 2021, automotive manufacturers have reported a downturn in their recruitment numbers due to uncertainty surrounding the market, as well as an increased focus on cost-cutting to mitigate the effects of COVID.

However, many automotive manufacturers are implementing measures such as increasing production volumes and offering employees flexible working arrangements in order to maintain their output and avoid layoffs. Overall, while the automotive industry in the UK is facing some major challenges right now, it remains resilient and is expected to continue growing over the long term.

The automotive industry in the UK is facing some major challenges right now, but it remains resilient and is expected to continue growing over the long term.


What Skills is the Car Manufacturing Looking For to Support Growth

The automotive industry is currently facing a shortage of skilled workers, as many employees are reaching retirement age. Also, the shift towards electric vehicle manufacturing the industry has created a demand for talent in electrical engineering. Digitisation and automation has also created a need to attract skilled workers with skills in data and digital. However, for candidates with these experiences and qualifications, Car Manufacturing may not be their top industry to look for jobs. (see our article discussing how manufacturing can address the skills shortage)

This has created major challenges for automotive manufacturers, who are struggling to find qualified candidates to fill open positions.

The lack of skilled workers is particularly noticeable in the area of engineering, where there is a significant shortage of qualified candidates.

Automotive manufacturers are therefore having to compete for talent by offering higher salaries and more flexible working arrangements.

In order to support growth in the automotive industry, manufacturers are looking for employees with certain skills. Some of the key skills that recruiters are increasingly looking for in the automotive industry include:


The Car Manufacturing Outlook is Positive

Overall, the automotive industry in the UK will continue to thrive and grow over the long term, but it will require skilled professionals with the right skills and experience to support its continued success.

With the growth in electric vehicle manufacturing and stabilisation of the component supply chain the industry is expected to see increases in job vacancies.

If you’re interested in a career in automotive manufacturing, now is a great time to explore your options and begin preparing yourself for these exciting opportunities.


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