engineering manufacturing recruitment agencies south wales south westA design engineer is a valuable and essential employee who guarantees the continued evolution and adaptation of your organisation in the present manufacturing climate.

A design engineer would be typically charged with the responsibility to:

  • Provide mechanical designs and develop new products for equipment and the industrial tools industry.
  • Perform well within a team environment, working with engineers from other disciplines and nationalities.
  • Resolve problems and improve product serviceability and manufacturability, while working with service and manufacturing personnel.
  • Develop and recommend any necessary changes for manufacturing processes.
  • Reduce cost of production and improve design performance, while working with other groups on initiatives for value engineering.
  • Assist with engineering assignments that are moderately complex.
  • Read and interpret blueprints using engineering field computer applications.
  • Perform product upgrades and reduce service failures and costs of consulting marketing personnel.
  • Provide management with technical guidance where required.


A design engineer will be typically required to possess the following skills and qualifications:

  •  HNC/HND or degree to become a design engineer.
  • Mechanical, electrical and civil engineering qualifications.
  • Strong skills in problem-solving.
  • A creative approach for the generation of new ideas.
  • A sound knowledge of Computer Assisted Design (CAD) software.
  • An excellent grasp of design and engineering principles.
  • Firm understanding of qualities of metals and other materials.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • An understanding of construction methods and manufacturing processes.
  • Great skills in team working.
  • A full appreciation of wider business demands.
  •  A strong awareness of the environmental impact of design ideas.

When recruiting a design engineer, it is vital to focus on the factors important to your company, along with what you want the candidate to achieve. For instance, will you task this person with overseeing the design of a lot of new products? Will the person perhaps focus more on the training and development of your existing design team? Will they be required to implement lean design tools into your production processes?

As expected, every design engineer will have capabilities and weaknesses, based on their own individual experience. Therefore, during the recruitment process, it is important to understand the key focus, such that you are able to select the right person that possesses the relevant and required skill set.

Here is where Sigma Recruitment comes in:

We have an established database of design engineers within the South Wales and South West areas, which we manually built and maintain. Every candidate is key worded individually and is subjected to a thorough pre-screening before their CV is submitted.

Our consultants will take the time and stress out of your recruitment process by managing it from beginning to end – such that you don’t have to. We have the experience in fully understanding the needs of our clients and take pride in our quality professional work. We extensively read through every job specification and come up with questions to discuss with the client, as a way of qualifying the areas that require our focus.

Once we are confident that we have fully grasped our clients’ requirements, we discuss the position with prospective candidates. We base our interview questions on the essential selection criteria and score these to identify the top scoring applications for formal interview places. We shortlist CVs with reference to the essential criteria that our clients set out in the initial job description.

We subject all candidates to a thorough pre-screen and thereafter email you with the details of those we deem fit for the position. We present all CVs in a format that is easy to read, and include our specialized Sigma Recruitment cover sheet. This includes salary details, candidate location, notice period, as well as accompanying notes that clearly state our reasons for presenting the candidate to you.
Sigma Recruitment is unlike any other recruitment agency.

Contact us today and enjoy our top quality professional services.

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