Now I know running my own manufacturing recruitment business in Cardiff might make me a touch biased and choosing this outstanding part of the country to work, live and raise a family is a good idea. 


Manufacturing Growth and Your Career Opportunities 



Hugh Jones, the well known top 100 law firm, has found that manufacturing companies based in Wales have seen an 11% average annual growth in total turnover over the last three years. 

Also, advanced manufacturing companies based in Wales had the fastest increase in turnover compared to companies located in the rest of the UK. 

Investment from the US pharmaceutical and biotech sector and the expansion of semiconductor manufacturing in the region has been a key driver in the increased turnover 

All good news and on the back of the funds supplied by the European Development Fund (ERDF). The £14m EU backed operation is designed to stimulate sustainable growth in the West Wales manufacturing sector. 

On the back of this, it appears that Cardiff is a real city of growth too. 

Did you know that Cardiff’s population is expected to grow more than 25% over the next 15 years, which is faster than anywhere else in the United Kingdom? 

Of course, having a massive student population here in South Wales helps produce an area with an upbeat ‘vibe’. Did you know half the student population of Wales attend its universities? 

Consequently, post-university many graduates stay and are a contributory factor to why the age of the population peaks in the 15-39 bracket. 


Multiple Reasons To Move Across The Severn Bridge to Wales 

A post in the Independent a few years ago highlighted what a fantastic place Wales is to live. 

As a manufacturing expert, you might want to consider moving here to accelerate and grow your career when you read all the many benefits that living in Wales will bring… 


It Costs Less To Live 



A little-known fact for those people that live outside Wales is that the cost of living here is lower than in other parts of the UK. 

According to the Wales website, Wales has some of the lowest living costs in the United Kingdom and most of the population enjoy a high standard of living. 

This does depend on your location, manufacturing role and circumstances. However, historically Wales has had lower costs on items such as accommodation, travel, food, entertainment, shopping and services.  

Property prices, council tax and basic expenses in Wales all generally fall below the UK average. 


We Encourage Learning 

As a recognised expert in manufacturing recruitment, we are often contacted by potential candidates with families that ask about our education system. 

Here is a fascinating fact. All the research I found online suggests that the first centre of learning was set up by St Illtud (who was said to be the most learned of all Britons) on the coast of the Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales in the 6th century. 

Approaching half a million children attend our state schools. There are dedicated Nursery, Primary, Middle, Secondary, Special and Welsh Language schools. If you want to find a list of all the public schools in Wales, click here. 

Schools and further education institutions throughout Wales aim to provide high-quality inspirational teaching and learning and offer social inclusion, equal opportunities and bilingualism into all aspects of school life. Our Colleges and Universities also work very closely with businesses, developing tailored courses to upskill the workforce; especially in the technical sectors like manufacturing and engineering. 


Truly ‘Live Your Life’ In Wales 

Though for many of us work dominates a significant chunk of our lives, in today’s distracted and busy world it’s critical to enjoy what’s around us; be that the outdoors or the multiple ways we can entertain ourselves. 

Wales as a country is blessed with stunning scenery with mountains, lakes, rivers and sea; we even have the longest zip wire in the northern hemisphere too. 

The Brecon Beacons and Snowdonia National Park are two huge attractions that should certainly form part of your ‘to-do’ list. 

How about this itinerary?  Mountain biking in the morning, in the afternoon a round of golf at a leading European course followed by a visit to one of the seven Welsh restaurants given a Michelin star in the latest guide. 


Convinced It Is Time Move Your Manufacturing Career Here? 



If you are ready to move your manufacturing career here to South Wales, then we can certainly help as a recognised and respected manufacturing recruitment company. To find out more call us on 02920 450 100 or send an email by clicking the link here. 


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