After working with your specialist manufacturing recruitment company to find and land that role and opportunity you want you might think that is everything handled. 

The truth is that the interview process lasts a lot longer than you might think.  

During your first 30 days, it is up to you to prove to your new manager and team that you were the best choice from the perspective of knowledge, skills and culture fit.  

Luckily there are a number of ways to achieve this during your first month in the role, and beyond that, we want to share in this week’s post. 

What Is Important to Your New Manager and Team? 

As professional you’re probably used to running your day; which eventually you will. 

However, remember every role and manufacturing organisation is different. Though you will have been employed because of your skill fit; it is up to you to find out what’s expected of you now in a new company with new objectives. 

Ask yourself: 

The more you clarify what is expected of you in your new company, the better.

Get to Know People

Getting to know your new company and colleagues is logical we know; though not every new recruit makes it a priority. 

As your new role is also in a new company, start building your network. Do this by speaking to people in your team, getting to know your peers, and talking to colleagues in cross-functional teams that you will interact within on a day to day basis as well as people across the wider business.

Remember the saying, “Your network equals your net worth.” No matter the company you work for, human dynamics will always play a role in how people get along. The reality is that we are all different and it is easier to get along with others who are different to you than most people think. It takes a little thought and effort, that’s all.  

Pay attention to differences between how you did things in your previous role, and how things operate with your new company. Culture is a huge factor in our workforce today; we wrote a post about this earlier in the year that you can read here. 

Understanding your new culture and the people within it takes a few simple steps. Make the most of every micro-interaction with your peers and learn about others’ communication preferences.
For instance: 

Understanding the communication foundation will help you to get to know your new company and connect with people faster.  

The world of business is changing and connecting is key. It will create ‘trust’ between yourself and your new colleagues and manager more than you realise. 

Communication Is Two Way And Key

Once you have a clear insight into your new role and the performance parameters against which you will be measured, it is time to look at your ongoing development. 

While your capability to deliver in your role is vital, so is your ability to communicate well. As a market leader in the manufacturing recruitment sector, hiring managers frequently tell us that they are looking for individuals who can communicate well. 

Communication is the cornerstone of influence and making things happen in your team or function will also elevate you in the mind of your manager too.  It involves the words you say and how good you are at listening to the response. 

Improving your communication skills is easier than most people realise. Check out the thousands of books on Amazon or the many free webinars in Google. 

From asking relevant questions to making Google your friend, investing time and energy into developing ‘you’ is a trait we see in candidates that have the choice of any manufacturing role they want. 

The more questions you ask, the easier it will be to position yourself in your new role. You can now begin to see how easy it is to start standing out.  

Communication isn’t only about talking; it involves listening too. There’s a difference between hearing someone and actively listening to them. In a chaotic workplace environment, it is easy to hear someone speak and start forming an automatic response in your mind.  

Note: As soon as you start thinking about your response to someone you have already stopped listening. Take this as a sign you need to engage in listening and understanding actively.

Demonstrate the quality of your listening skills by checking the meaning of what you have just heard. Only then will you be in a position to contribute fully to a solution.

In summary, when you start in a new position or company, listen and learn as much as possible. The more you can absorb about the industry, the brand, and the expectations of an employer, the more likely you are to get excellent results.  

[Hint: Never make assumptions about the way things are ‘done’ in your new organisation. It is much better to ask for clarification first.] 

Prioritise and Organise


During those first 30 days, think about where you might be able to generate quick wins to validate your managers hiring decision. Review your existing work systems and ask yourself whether they fit with what you have learned about your new company and team. 

Put in the time and effort now; it’s for your benefit in the long term. 

Though we are not advocating that you arrive an hour before everyone else or are the last to leave, remember that starting any new role is likely to push you outside your comfort zone. Therefore put in the hours to get through this learning curve. 

There is a famous quote from Mohammed Ali that fits well here. 

“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit’. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” 

Ask your manager what is the main priority for you now. Top Tip: Write it down and take copious notes that you review. Then jump into action. 


The first 30 days of your new manufacturing role can be critical to your long-term career plan.

By learning what to focus on from day one, discovering which skills and habits you need to demonstrate, and letting go of the things that might be holding you back, you can impress your manager which will affirm in their mind that they made the right decision in hiring you.  

Best regards 


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