Though the British summer hasn’t arrived; does it ever?  For many of us, it’s still a time when we take a summer break.  

This midyear point often signifies a time of reflection and review, especially when it comes to our working life and the progression of our career. 

A question then, how is your year shaping up? To help you decide here are several questions to ask yourself. 

Am I Still Happy in My Current Role? 



Being happy at work is important and more than possible for all of us. Let’s face it, in today’s economy we could have a working career that spans from ages 16 to 67; 50+ years in a role you don’t like won’t be good for your health.Therefore as key criteria for your career, happiness needs to rank high. 

We have all had one too many glasses of something at New Year and made the decision that next year would be different, it would be the year that we changed companies or went for that promotion, without really thinking it through. 

However, as January turns into February and then March, we realise we are OK with the way things are at work, and that is fine. You realise that you are one of the lucky people in manufacturing working for a good company in a role that you enjoy. 

However, for many people out there, the midyear break brings home the fact that work is no longer a ‘joyful’ experience and in fact going back to the same role on Monday after a fortnight with family and friends makes your head drop. If this is you, it is time to ask yourself some serious questions. 

All the answers to these questions will help you decide whether to persevere or to consider your career options somewhere else. 

The Company I Work For and My Current Role 

If you like the organisation, its culture, and how you are treated, and yet you want more, it’s time for a conversation with your manager. 

Though many manufacturing managers are good at their role, they aren’t telepathic, and if you don’t ask for development or the opportunity to change roles or departments, they won’t know that you feel stuck. 




Am I Financially Compensated for What I do? 

It’s easy to lose touch with salary trends and get sucked into whispers on the company grapevine about who is earning what, which isn’t always correct. 

Generally, salary levels vary within a specific band depending on the role you fulfil. If you are unsure, ask a specialist recruitment consultant, to clarify what the going rate is for your role and experience before you make any hasty decisions. 

Am I Being Stretched? 

Contrary to what you might think as human beings we thrive on challenge and achieving in our lives. Being stimulated at work is a big part of this. 

As manufacturing is a constantly growing discipline, you need to be developing your breadth of experience across different projects within your organisation.  

Is this happening or not? If you’ve been pigeon-holed into doing a role or project, it could be harmful to your future career prospects as it’s likely that your current employer has a specific ‘view’ of you and where you fit in the organisation.  

Unfortunately, this is common and hard to break out of, often only altered by a change of manager or company. 

Whether it’s promotion or working on bigger and better projects, are you progressing? Or do you feel trapped doing the same things repeatedly? 

You probably had some sort of plan when you started out, where are you compared to that? Are you on track? -If not, why not? Will your current employer be able to facilitate your ambitions and plans? 




Should I Stay or Go? 

Ultimately the choice is yours. Though if you have answered the questions above honestly, you will have an answer to these questions. 

If you are waiting for your organisation to land that big manufacturing project, so things will be ‘better’ or your manager to get a promotion so you can fill their shoes; is it realistic? Is it likely to happen before your motivation and drive disappear completely?  Only you will know that. 

If you’ve asked yourself these questions and thought that it’s time to consider a move, then it’s crucial you take the best advice available. 

At Sigmarecruitment we specialise in the manufacturing sector and can give you straightforward, impartial advice as to the best career options available for you. 


Best regards,  

Rhys Williams 

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