In this day and age, it’s not enough for companies to rely on “gut feelings” when choosing the best candidate for an upcoming job role. Though sometimes your instincts can be useful, wasting your time on an applicant that isn’t right for your business could lead to serious problems.

Not only could you hire someone who’s keen to hop jobs at the next available opportunity, but you could leave yourself without crucial talent for longer than necessary.

There are many different reasons why the top talent in your industry chooses your competitor over you. Perhaps they’re offering higher salaries or better benefits.

Maybe your competitors have more to offer in terms of flexible working and remote office solutions. However, one of the most common reasons a person will reject a job offer is because the cultural fit isn’t right.

Why Recruit for Cultural Fit?


We all realise that people differ when it comes to their attitudes, personalities, and values. For instance, some people will prefer to spend their free time engaged in sports, whereas others will prefer to read. However, since we spend around a third of our adult lives at work, it’s plain to see that people are moving from job to job in search of something that fits their idea of the “perfect work environment”.

The right career can feed into all aspects of our lives, promote self-esteem, define self-identity, and offer unique opportunities for personal growth. If work was all about making money, it wouldn’t matter where we worked, but the truth is that it’s often about more than that.

If you focus on working with a specialist recruitment agency to gather candidates that fit with your company culture, then you’ll be far less likely to waste your time on the wrong applicants.

Psychometric testing is a solution that can remove the “gut feeling” process from choosing job applicants, and therefore streamline the process. Through psychometric testing, companies can focus on communicating with individuals who are perfectly suited to their chosen role. This reduces the chances that you’ll spend time on a candidate who’s just going to go elsewhere.

Why Psychometric Testing Makes a Difference


The evidence suggests that about 18% of companies use personality tests as part of the hiring process, according to a survey. This number is growing rapidly, as more businesses begin to recognise the importance of choosing candidates that fit with their corporate culture.

When used with caution and attention to detail, personality and cognitive tests can help to increase your chances of picking an employee that’s set to achieve great things in your workplace. What’s more, it can minimise the risk that you waste time on employees who aren’t fully devoted to your company goals or mission.

Since the cost of hiring incorrectly can come out at around one year of pay, there’s a huge benefit for hiring correctly the first time around.

The important thing to remember is that organisations need to use the right psychometric tests if they want to get helpful details about their potential employees.

Streamlining the Recruitment Process

Recruiting the perfect candidate for any position can be difficult, but it’s an important step in preparing your business for success. By using psychometric testing, you can even tailor your advertisements and job descriptions to attract people that reflect your mode of thought, or your specific business goals.

By conducting psychometric tests, companies working with recruitment agencies can find the best fits for their job applications, by looking at what elements matter most to the business, and how different characteristics will blend well with the corporate culture. After all, though experience is crucial to any position, a candidate’s personality can also be pivotal in choosing the right man or woman for the job.

How to Use Psychometric Recruiting


In today’s business environment, it’s fair to say that companies are constantly fighting over the opportunity to get their hands on the best and most skilled talent in the industry. However, that doesn’t mean that organisations shouldn’t be careful about the people that they bring into the interviewing process. Being selective about your applicants can help to reduce your chances of high staff turnover, and lost profits.

Psychometric testing is emerging as a popular tool for the modern recruitment process. Companies that are serious about both attracting, and retaining the correct talent need to take advantage of these tools, rather than simply choosing candidates at random.

However, it’s important to remember that psychometric tests are only useful if you use them correctly. If you don’t have a well-established background for job performance requirements and specific characteristics, then you’ll struggle to get the most out of your testing. Make sure you know exactly what you’re searching for before you start looking.

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