In the last week, how much work have you done that could or should have been delegated? Having spent more than ten years working in the manufacturing sector, we know that the success of organisations often hinges on delegation, or the lack thereof. To ensure you are on the right side of that equation, here are eight strategies to follow. 


1. Recognise your employee’s ability  



We work with every level in the manufacturing sector with individuals who are highly educated, have excellent people skills, understand the needs of their managers and are committed to the field and eager to learn. If you have a great team member, it is essential to use his or her strengths. When you hire a recruit take some time to get to know one another. Understanding their abilities and approach will allow you to delegate with confidence.  


2. Let Go of Small Tasks  

Perhaps the most significant barrier to delegation is the belief that “it is quicker to do it myself.” This may be true in the individual instance, but over time small tasks take up your valuable time and energy. So next time you are about to quickly sort out an issue on the production line, because you can, consciously let go of that responsibility. If nothing else, that valued new hire is trained for tasks like these and will possibly do a better job than you would. 


3. Allow YouTeam to Develop Their Skills  

Often managers do not delegate because they believe that their staff do not have the experience or skills needed. However, instead of carrying out the task yourself, find a training course or ask another employee to act as a mentor for your new hire. This will increase your team’s competence and enhance employee engagement.   

Your team will be able to tell you where they need development in their current role or if they have noticed any areas where your organisation could improve. 

Listen, it will be worth it. 


4. Accept Imperfection



Unsurprisingly, perfectionists often have trouble delegating. If you feel the need to control every task, realise that overall your productivity is falling, and you are achieving fewer goals because you are giving equal weight to every task; even the relatively unimportant ones. Strive for excellence rather than perfection and your team will get more done.  


5. Carry Out Reviews

Delegation is about handing a task or project to someone and making them accountable while still providing your support and guidance. It is not about ‘dumping’ a task on someone and then abdicating all the responsibility.
The easiest way to ensure that delegation works for you and your team is to carry out regular reviews and training.Fact: Remember ultimately you are responsible for the performance of your team 


6. Reward Success and Acknowledge Achievement  

Delegation can be daunting for your employee as well, so when they perform exceptionally well remember to thank them for their work. This will increase their confidence when working independently and improve output.  

It is important to reward your employees when they perform well, but you should also remember to reward yourself. Be mindful of delegation successes and assess how your work was improved as a result. This will put your mind at ease when delegating in future.  


7. Trust the Process 



Delegation requires you to trust in the abilities and qualifications of other people. You dedicated time and resources to finding the right person for the job; now it is time to loosen your grip on the reins and allow them to flourish.  


8. Outsource Specific Tasks to Experts  

Though you may have a switched on marketing department or a focused sales and distribution team, you might not have the recruiting capability within your current HR or hiring manager team. Using a specialist manufacturing recruiting partner in a short skill market like manufacturing is today can make a huge difference to the quality of candidates you attract and your speed of acquisition. 


What Next?  

Take action. Delegation will never be an easy task, especially if you are used to working hard and just ‘getting on with it’. Though this is to be applauded in the long run, it will not create the results both you and your team deserve. 


Best regards 

Rhys Williams 


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