Would you like to place your anonymous career profile in front of more than 3,500 hiring managers in South Wales for FREE?

Would you like to the opportunity to showcase your education, qualifications, achievements and industry experience to more than 1,500 companies?


At Sigma Recruitment we send out a monthly newsletter called ‘Candidate Focus’ which includes anonymous profiles of a range of candidates. We have been doing this for around ten years, and as a result, our clients look forward to receiving the profiles each month and it has led to interviews and offers of employment for many of our featured candidates.

You can view examples of the profiles by clicking this link. As you can see the information we use is kept fairly generic to stop candidates who are still in employment from being identifiable to their current employers.

What you need to do to be included

Please write your anonymous profile and submit it to info@www.sigmarecruitment.co.uk  include your realistic salary expectation and an indication of how far you would be willing to commute on a daily basis.

How to write your profile

View previous examples for inspiration. You should comment on:-

If you wish to have your profile included in the next version, then please email your draft profile to info@www.sigmarecruitment.co.uk

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