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Go EXCLUSIVE and reap the rewards

Sigma Recruitment’s Exclusive service provides clients with real added value, whether you’re looking to recruit for one vacancy or multiple positions. Here are some of the many benefits of our Exclusive service:

  • Discounts are available for exclusive contracts– All Sigma Exclusive contracts receive a discount on the standard commission rate, dependent on the length of the exclusivity agreement.
  • We provide protection against multiple payments – If you place a vacancy with multiple agencies, you could end up paying multiple commission finding fees if the successful candidate is on several agency lists. With the Sigma Exclusive Service, this cannot happen as we are solely responsible for supplying all candidates.
  • There is no duplication of candidates– Time and resources are maximised by ensuring that candidates are not considered more than once!
  • Your job is advertised extensively on the internet– Every vacancy we receive is advertised on local and national job boards including – Reed, Indeed, Jobsite & TotalJobs and Sigma. Our website is one of the most frequented specialist recruitment sites in the UK.
  • You have access to specialist recruitment databases– The Sigma Exclusive service includes a detailed search across multiple databases, including Reed, Indeed, Jobsite & TotalJobs to find prospective candidates matching your requirements.
  • We provide a FREE Candidate E-shot– Extensive candidate database, working within our specialist sectors, all of whom are working or looking to work in South Wales. Many recruitment agencies charge in excess of £1,500 for undertaking this specific marketing activity.
  • We receive applications directly– On a daily basis, we receive over 200 applications a day from candidates looking for new positions.
  • We provide a quality screening process– Every candidate undertakes a detailed interview before they are presented to any client.

Step 1 – Vacancy Qualification

Tell us what good looks like for you!

Have you ever hired someone who, despite a great CV and interview, lacked passion or just couldn’t do the job? You probably had a square peg in a round hole. That’s why Vacancy Qualification is key. It’s all about having the right person in the right position. If we don’t find out what you want – we won’t find them.

We need to know what “Good” looks like for each vacancy. That’s why we take the time to clarify exactly the skills, competencies and personal attributes that you’re looking for. It’s important that, where possible, we can speak directly with the line manager/decision-maker, as sometimes information passing through a third party can lead to loss of important specifics. We often set up conference calls with one or more Sigma Recruitment team members, Human Resources and line managers.

How do we qualify the vacancy?

Finding the right person starts with understanding what you’re looking for and understanding what you can offer candidates. For long-term success, the fit must be there for the client and the candidate.

First, we establish the key competencies and behaviour traits that are needed in the person you are looking to employ. We’ll work with you to identify the essential and desirable skill criteria and select the key personality characteristics that best suit the position and advise whether these will be realistically available for your salary budget. With these agreed competencies in mind, we then develop a bespoke process to identify, select and retain the best talent for your business. This includes generating a list of specific questions to test the potential candidate’s ability in the key areas.

We also need to find out more about your business and what you can offer candidates in terms of career progression, culture, training and development. After all, we need to be able to sell your brand and the job opportunity to the very best candidates.

What do we do with this information?

Following our initial vacancy qualification, we’ll create a detailed brief for each position. All candidates will then be screened against this brief to ensure consistency.

Step 2 – Candidate Attraction

Using advertising and search to attract the right people

After we’ve qualified the vacancy requirements, we generate a detailed candidate search plan to attract the very best candidates. This includes:

  • Advertising – We create engaging adverts that are search engine optimised and attract the very best talent.
  • Advertisement placement – we offer market-leading coverage by placing adverts on leading job boards, as well as our manufacturing recruitment website, which is the highest-ranked recruitment agency website on Google for over 100 manufacturing keywords (independently verified)
  • Candidate Search – Sigma Recruitment has a unique advantage compared to other agencies in that we have a large established internal database of manufacturing candidates in South Wales that’s been growing ever since we were established in 2005. It’s certainly the most powerful and complete manufacturing candidate database in South Wales. Communication of all vacancies is undertaken via regular email newsletters to this database.
  • Searching job board databases – in addition to our own database, we extend the search reach even further.
  • Social media communications – Rhys Williams, Managing Director of Sigma Recruitment has over 15,000 LinkedIn connections and regularly receives over 4000+ views for job posts. All vacancies are posted on a range of social media networks including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Bespoke social media advertising campaigns – we use our expertise to push our job adverts into the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn feeds of relevant candidates.

Step 3 – Screening, CVs, feedback & interviews

Filtering, shortlisting and interviewing candidates

In addition to supplying CVs, Sigma Recruitment also provides detailed information on the responses from the screening questions initially undertaken with each candidate.


  1. Can they do the job? – We will ask the competency-based questions that we agreed as part of the vacancy qualification.
  2. Will they do the job? – Is it right for them, how does it compare to their current position?
  3. Will they fit? – Do they have the right personality and is the culture right for them?

When collating information on potential candidates Sigma Recruitment provides all information in a standard format so that candidates skills and experience can be easily compared.

Whilst we do provide information in a standard format it’s important to note that the CV content provided by the candidates is not changed.

CV Feedback

The feedback that we receive from companies from the initial CV presentations provides us with excellent intelligence to tailor candidate search requirements. This allows us to highlight a candidate’s skills and experience, thereby improving the quality of candidates.


Sigma Recruitment manages the entire interview process in conjunction with our client’s needs. This includes:

  • Arranging interviews at convenient times.
  • Providing interview packs with all the information a candidate would need.
  • Providing candidate feedback after the interview.

We can also work with clients to create a competency-based interview process to effectively test a candidates’ ability to perform in the position. This ensures a better long term fit and fewer surprises when the candidate starts.

Step 4 – The job offer, Start Dates & Aftercare

Managing the process to control the outcome

Once the candidate has been offered a position, it’s essential that they are managed through this process. Sigma Recruitment provides full assistance following the offer, including:

  • Managing the paperwork relating to the offer.
  • Dealing with counteroffers from other companies and their existing employer. It’s quite common that an individual will receive a counteroffer from their existing employer and Sigma Recruitment is very experienced in dealing with these circumstances.
  • Keeping in contact during the notice period.
  • Carrying out a Pre-start check – in the weeks prior to the commencement of employment Sigma Recruitment will keep in touch with the candidate to ensure there are no issues raised.
  • After commencement in the role – Sigma Recruitment will look to receive feedback from the candidate to ensure that they’re settling into the role and so that we can help the company to integrate the individual into the new position.

The Next Level - Sigma Elite

For those who want to take their recruitment to the next level

The benefits of the Sigma Elite Recruitment System

  • Psychometric job profiling – identifies the key traits and behaviours that the successful candidate will need to perform well in the position.
  • Psychometric candidate profiling – matches the candidate’s traits and behaviours against the job profile.
  • Mental agility candidate testing
  • Extended candidate guarantees – we provide a replacement recruitment service if the candidate leaves the company prior to a set agreed period.
  • Pre-employment check – We make sure you’re hiring who you think you are! (includes education verification, ID, electoral roll & address verification & CCJ, bankruptcy, insolvency & IVA search. 5-year activity verification with 28-day gap verification and right to work document verification).
  • Improved retention levels – by recruiting with science NOT luck!
  • A partnership approach to recruitment – where we take a proactive support role from job definition to appointment and post-appointment development.
  • Leading marketing and advertising support – this ensures that you attract the very best candidates who can add value to your business.
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