As part of our screening process we cover all the following: –

Current package vs potential package

  1. Basic salary (BS)
  2. Hours of work and or shift pattern (HRS)
  3. Pension contribution level (PEN)
  4. Bonus (BNS)
  5. Healthcare, life insurance (HC), (LI)
  6. Overtime payments (OT)
  7. Holiday entitlement (HI)
  8. Miscellaneous benefits, childcare vouchers, cycle to work etc
  9. Training / education, are current company supporting are there any clawback if the person leaves company?

Commute to current employer vs potential commute

  1. Mileage current and potential
  2. Time of commute estimate current and potential
  3. Cost of commute estimate current and potential

Career opportunities current vs potential

  1. What potential do they have for promotion in current position?

We need to draw out all the details to assist the candidate make the right judgment in terms of is the position right for them, to do this, we need to compare what they have today and what the potential new role is offering. We need to do this before the CV presentation because there is little point clients wasting time interviewing candidates who have not fully considered all of the key details.  

Reason for looking for a new position

  1. What would you do if your employer offered you more money to stay?
  2. Has anyone else in your company resigned and been tempted to stay with a counter offer? (Market knowledge do their current company have a reputation for making counter offers)
  3. How committed are you to changing jobs on a scale of 1 to 10?
  4. What is your availability for interview?
  5. Are you sure that know is the right time to make your next career move?

We need to understand the candidate’s motivation for seeking a new position and judge if we feel this is genuine. We need to asses that they are not just looking for a bargaining chip with their current employer!


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