motivation in the workplace CardiffMotivate your staff with the Sigma Recruitment World Cup challenge game!

We all know that motivated, engaged and happy employees are more likely to be productive and successful. The challenge for HR professionals and business leaders is keeping staff engaged, motivated and happy.

In fact according to a CIPD report only 36% of staff are actively engaged with 60% being neutral and 3% disengaged. Further to this Forbes report that the happiest staff are up to 50% more productive in the workplace.

Using sporting events to motivate staff and create a happy working environment.

Every year when the Grand National race takes place, offices up and down the country organise office sweeps and this creates a great feeling of excitement within the workplace. If you could take this enthusiasm and make it last for the 5 week period of the World Cup, just imagine how you may be able to improve morale, motivation and drive up productivity!

Sigma Recruitment has recently designed a World Cup challenge, using one of the world’s largest sporting events to generate a feel good factor amongst our team. We wanted to share what we have created with our clients because we feel that it could have a big impact on staff morale.

Smaller Companiesideas on how to organise the challenge

World Cup Challenge Motivational Event Flyer Larger Companies – ideas on how to organise the challenge

We have designed our own World Cup Challenge which involves staff predicting the scores for 3 chosen games each week of the competition. The template of our World Cup Challenge Motivational Event Flyer can be downloaded here – please feel free to print it out and use it in your office.

Tailor the competition to drive performance.
Feel free to modify expand our challenge game as you see fit. How about linking the competition to work based performance? For example Sigma Recruitment are following the smaller company completion model and will award high performing staff more than one entry if they hit predefined targets.

Prize ideas

Please do keep us updated on how the challenge worked for your company.

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