cipd logoThe Global Leadership Forecast conducted by DDI a management consultancy, recently surveyed 13,124 global leaders and 1,528 HR executives and reports that financial success for a company is linked to more women directors.

Comparing the best and worst financially performing companies it firstly identified the financial impact the HR function has on a company’s bottom line. Organisations with both high levels of leadership quality, leader engagement, and retention, were nine times more likely to out-perform their peers financially.

But it also reported that companies with a higher percentage of women in leadership roles also perform better financially. Females accounted for over a third of leadership roles in the top 20 per cent of financial performers in the survey, compared to the bottom 20 per cent of businesses, where 19 per cent of leaders were women.

Also of interest, the report stated that only 40 per cent of business leaders believe the current quality of their organisation’s leadership is ‘high’, according to research from global talent management consultancy DDI.

To read more about the Global Leadership Forecast results click here

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