swansea bay recruitment Recruitment agency news – Swansea bay receives support for world’s first tidal lagoon.

Swansea Bay City Region board has issued its formal support for the world’s first tidal lagoon power plant and the birth of an international energy industry in South West Wales.

The proposed six-mile horseshoe shaped sea wall scheme, which would generate enough power for almost 120,000 homes, is currently being considered by the Planning Inspectorate.

Consent for the project would secure hundreds of millions of pounds of investment for the region and create approximately 2,000 jobs. It will also mean South West Wales is at the forefront of a sustainable energy industry, with the potential to grow globally long-term, providing skilled employment and exploiting the tourism potential of the region.

The project would see a 9.5 km long sea wall built to capture enough renewable energy from incoming and outgoing tides to power over 120,000 homes for 120 years.

For more on this story visit the World Infrastructure News website.

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