You’re in an interview for a manufacturing role you’ve wanted for ages. You’ve answered all their questions confidently, and you breathe a sigh of relief, thinking the meeting is winding down.  

Not so fast.  

The hiring manager then throws the floor over to you, asking if you have any questions. Many candidates don’t realise the importance of this final stage of the interview process. 

What you say in response to this innocuous, friendly question can either potentially win you the job or lose it. 

Candidates often squander this golden opportunity in one of two ways: 

1. They shut the interview down by saying they have no questions at all, along the lines of ‘I think you’ve covered everything, thanks!’  


2. They send the wrong message by asking the kinds of questions that interviewers see as a red flag, such as ‘Can you tell me more about my salary, benefits, and holiday entitlements? 

The former sends the message that you’re not that interested in the role and haven’t done the right research into the company, while the second indicates to hirers that you’re more interested in what’s in it for you than the details of the role or what you can do for the company.  



Both outcomes are interview disasters, and can often mean that candidates who performed well in the interview somehow manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory! 

So, if you’re not meant to talk about money, and the hiring manager has run a great interview with lots of information about the role, what on earth are you expected to ask? What purpose does this section of the discussion serve?  

You’ll probably get more genuine, revealing answers about the role and company culture in this section if you ask the right questions, and you’ll also be able to portray yourself in a strong and keen manner.

If you’ve done well in the interview so far, this is your time to really shine and demonstrate why you are better than all the others they have interviewed. 

Great questions to ask at the end of an interview 

About the Job 

About your Success in the Role 

About the Career Path 



About the company and its place in the sector 

Be alert to the potential in this last one: a smart candidate may be able to loop this back to one of their strengths. For example, if the hiring manager says: ‘Brexit has put the sector under some uncertainty regarding employment law’, and you have strong knowledge of the Brexit landscape and/ or employment regulation, this is a great time to mention this. 

About culture and the team 

About the interviewer 



 A few things to avoid:  

The dying moments of the interview are when an interview can be won or lost. Any doubts? Ask your manufacturing recruiter which questions might make the right impression.  

Best regards 



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