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Companies running Windows 2003 and Small Business Software have been warned that they are at increased risk from cyber attack if they continue to run one of the world’s most popular computer operating systems after July 14 this year.

At that time Microsoft will cease supporting this software which means there will be no further critical software security updates made available.

A leading IT expert has stated that based on past experiences those who don’t take action now will be highly exposed and targeted by cyber criminals. If a company operates under regulations concerning security and privacy of data then you could also risk penalties for non-compliance.

With the deadline only a few months away Microsoft believes there are around 10 million Windows 2003 servers in use worldwide still requiring migration to a newer operating system version. In the UK The Cloud Industry Forum estimates that a 1,000 servers per day will have to be updated if companies are to be transitioned from Windows 2003 before the deadline in July.

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