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Next Generation Data’s (NGD) Newport site has been named as the pan-European hub for multinational data security company Turrem Data.

Turrem Data is a specialist distribution house dedicated to the digital and physical security of an organisations most precious asset, its data.

Working alongside the World’s most progressive cyber forensics business and Western Europe’s largest data centre, Turrem Data offer a product range that can help protect any multinational organisations infrastructure across many borders.

Turrem Data based in Surrey confirmed their involvement at the Next Generation Newport site as a channel partner and will use the Next Generation Data’s Newport site for hosting, storing and remotely monitoring data.

Simon Taylor, NGD’s chairman and co-founder, said: “Turrem Data’s decision to entrust NGD for securely hosting and storing valuable customer data is yet another example of how leading IT service providers and their customers are recognising that having the tightest possible physical security is inextricably linked to the overall quality of their data and cyber security solutions.”

The Next Generation site is unique with:

To find out more about Next Generation Data in Newport visit their website.

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