cipd logoA recent survey has found that almost half of workers have left a job because of a bad boss.

Even worse almost a third consider their current managers skills to be very poor leaving a very clear message to employers that if you want to retain staff ensure you employ skilled managers!

B2B marketplace Approved Index confirms that  ‘people don’t leave jobs, they leave managers’,  discovering that nearly half (42 per cent) of employees have left a job because of a bad boss.

In its survey of 1,374 employees, almost a third (30 per cent) feel their current boss is a bad manager and 44 per cent said they disliked their boss more than controversial PM cover girl Katie Hopkins.

Sectors that ranked worse included recruitment, travel and tourism (77 per cent of respondents had left a job because of a poor manager), marketing and PR (63 per cent) and accounting (61 per cent).

Other industries featuring in the top ten for worst bosses were events, entertainment, fashion, agriculture and food, architecture and security.

Encouragingly only one in five respondents working in research and less than a third (30 per cent) of those working in engineering had been driven out of a role by their manager.

To discover more about the survey visit the CIPD website.


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