The benefits of engaging a recruitment agency.

manufacturing jobs recruitment agencies south wales south westIf you have ever wondered what exactly a recruitment agency does for their fee and whether it’s worth it, then perhaps we can help you by explaining what we do and the benefits of engaging a recruitment agency!

  1. Our recruitment process has been successfully developed over the last decade to ensure our clients achieve the best results. This includes:
  1. Can they do the job? (skills, experience, qualifications, competencies)
  2. Will they do the job? (remuneration, location, in line with their career goals etc.)
  3. Are they a fit? (culture, environment, attitude)

Check out some of our Example Screening Questions

  1. A recruitment agency ultimately has access to a vast variety of candidates, ultimately far more than an individual company would ever get when they are in the position to fill a vacancy.
  2. A recruitment agency has an extensive network of candidates but also specialist tools to find other candidates through an extensive search process which would cost a company thousands of pounds if conducted themselves. Sigma Recruitment has collaborations with many online job boards such as Monster, Total Jobs, CV Library, Simply Hired, Jobs in Wales, Reed, Jobsite, LinkedIn etc.
  3. A recruitment agency works full time to find talent and skilled, experienced staff where as companies only look for 3-4 weeks and only when a job is available. In short, this is why companies use recruitment agencies rather than finding a candidate themselves.
  4. Recruitment agencies achieve a high retention rate for their clients, and work hard to maintain it. The advantages of this are two-fold. Ongoing recruitments costs are lowered as medium / long term recruitment costs are cut and employees find a more rewarding and satisfying experience because the vacancy is a better “fit” for their skills.
  5. The time taken to recruit quality employees will also impact on the work load of your current employees, which can affect business productivity. Utilising a recruitment consultancy to find an exceptional candidate can provide quick access to a competent and skilled candidate.
  6. A recruitment agency will undertake all the screening and pre-screening of the candidates. All you need to do is finalise the candidate to fill the position in your company.
  7. Using a specialist recruitment agency that understands your requirements as well as the company culture of your business will ensure you will recruit the candidate that not only suits the job profile, but is appropriate in line with your corporate culture as well.
  8. Specialist recruitment agencies are speaking with senior-leaders daily, and as a result this provides a unique insight into the needs of specific job roles and industries. When a client requires to fill a position a recruitment agency works to understand the exact requirements and underlying business issues that the position will need to fulfil.
  9. Market knowledge recruitment agencies, have many contact within the market and thus tend to know who the good candidates are and maybe more importantly which candidates to avoid!

So if your still not convinced to the added value a recruitment agency can bring to your company as yourself why do people hire accountants to do their books instead of doing it themselves? Well undoubtedly the answer is the same reason why companies use recruitment agencies – because a professional will free up valuable time and do a superior job. Recruitment agencies in a specialist sector are professionals, just like accountants, lawyers who charge far more and most probably have less impact on the efficient running of a business.


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