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Keep the job recruitment process as quick as possible

Keep the recruitment process as short and succinct as possible. We are not saying that you should find a new engineering manager within a week but where possible a recruitment process should be kept as short as you can keep it. If a process is dragged out and goes through several stages of tests and interviews and then feedback takes a number of weeks to come back to the candidate there is a high probability they might not be on the market and you will possibly miss out on the candidate that was the best fit for your organisation.

Sell the job

If you as the employer cannot sell the benefits of working for you than who can? Obviously you need to be realistic and if the person is going to be in for a baptism of fire when they join they need to be aware of that otherwise they are not likely to stay with you. Iif they are not up for the challenge are they the right person for you? Be open and honest both with your recruiter and with candidates and it will help with staff retention in the long term and help you find the best job candidate fit.

Use Sigma Recruitment!!!

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