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Make sure you are using the right method for your recruitment. You might be able to find production operatives via the Job Centre but is it the right place to look for a new operations manager? Is a specialist sales recruiter going to find you the new electrical engineer with experience of Siemens PLC’s, Eurotherm Drives and SCADA?

Be realistic with job vacancy salaries

It is vitally important that as an organisation you understand how the salary you can offer for a job vacancy compares to other companies in the local area. Not every company can warrant paying the ‘top end’ for the new job vacancy position they want to recruit for but the job specification should reflect the salary on offer. Sigma Recruitment can provide advice of average salary levels within your area and can suggest options to ensure you get the best job candidates that your budget can obtain.

Update the Job Specification

Make sure the specification is up-to-date with the current line manager signing off his/her requirements. A specification signed off 4 years ago by a predecessor might not reflect what the current incumbent is looking for and can lead to a frustrating recruitment process.
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