Good news, you have landed that role you have wanted for a while. You are certainly ready for the challenge, and your skill set is ideal, but regardless, you need to know how to excel in this new role quickly. 

If you secured the position through working with a specialist recruitment company, it is likely your skills and abilities were matched closely through your CV, interview questions and the recruitment companies knowledge of you as a candidate and whether you would fit the culture of the organisation you have joined.  

With your new job about to start, the first few months are crucial to establishing yourself, your skill level and attitude, whilst demonstrating the future potential you have in the organisation. 

Here are some key ideas worth considering if you want to make a significant impact in your first few months. 

1. Research Your New Company



Before you start, examine the company in greater depth; remember Google is your friend.  While you will have some basic knowledge from the interview stage, you now need to know more details such as; previous projects, processes and customer expectation, future plans and vision.  

Look at the company website. Review all their social media channels. Google the CEO and key people in the organisation. Look in the relevant trade press and media. 

While your induction process will reveal some of this information; it’s impressive to be able to ask relevant questions about the organisation, and its plan. Why? Because so few people take the time to do this, even new employees. It will certainly make you stand out. 

2. Ask Questions and Learn 

You might be the new boy or girl but don’t sit in meetings in silence. Ask questions, learn as much as you can about the company and contribute to the conversation. Your hiring manager believed in you and wants you to add value to the organisation as soon as possible. 

Therefore, have a plan to be visible. The more people see and hear you, the sooner they will get used to seeing you around and know who to go to in the future. 

3. Do More Than You Are Paid For



There is a well-known sales trainer called Brian Tracy. He has one of the biggest selling books on selling on Amazon and has for over twenty years. One of his key suggestions for being successful and getting noticed is to; ‘always do more than you are paid for’. 

Your manager hired you because they thought that you would be a great addition to the team. Make sure you demonstrate your dedication by getting to the office early.  

Take some extra time to arrive early, stay a bit later, and take shorter lunch breaks during the first few months.  

Showing dedication as much and often as possible will help you stand out and build dependability amongst the team you are now working with. 

4. Establish Your self as A Great Communicator  

Poor and unclear communication is a challenge for many organisations. It results in teamwork issues, missed deadlines and lost profit. Many projects; especially large ones, have communication problems.  

The good news is that communication is a skill that can be developed. Head over to Amazon and Google and read, learn and practise. This will put you 80% ahead of many others in your organisation. 

Make sure you ask questions. Remember you are in a new situation and it is important to make sure that you have a handle on the current ‘favoured communication’ channels, used in your new company. 

5Set Your Own goals



Depending on the role that you are working I am confident that you will be given personal and team targets and goals to achieve. It’s important to deliver what is asked of you, and real top performers take it one stage further to stand out and set their own goals too. 

If you are expected to achieve a particular project within a time frame what if you could shave a few days or even weeks off this; how impressive might that be to your new manager. 

Good luck!

Best regards 

Rhys Williams 


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