Company culture? It seems like it’s the current buzz word as we approach the end of the decade. There is a logical reason why culture features so heavily when it comes to attracting the best talent to your manufacturing organisation. 

Two factors are important to consider. 

The old school days are long gone and no longer do employees ‘grin and bear it’ for a salary at the end of the month. 

Today our workforce enjoys work and wants to be stimulated by what they do and the opportunities it brings. 

While company culture differs across different manufacturing verticals there are some common traits of successful cultures. 

Which ones do you think exist in your organisation, and how might you go about building these same characteristics into your company culture? 

Over the last 12 years that Sigma Recruitment have been working with companies across South Wales and the South West, we have observed several different styles of company culture. 

First hand we have seen what is working and what isn’t. Here are the 3 characteristics that great candidates are looking for in your organisation. 


1. Diversity is Embraced 

We do live in a diverse world; don’t we? The most visible aspects of this are our culturally diverse teams.  

No longer is everyone from the same valley! Instead, they might be from all parts of the globe, from different cultures and ranging in age from 18-70; multi generational teams and how they work will be one of the biggest cultural shifts moving forward. 

Your team will differ in how they like to be motivated, developed and rewarded. A quick look at the various results from the current profiling tools around demonstrates that. 

A good manager will discover how to get the best out of their team; supported by their own ongoing development and training which is an important aspect of developing a culture at all levels. 

2. A Clear Company Vision Where Employees Know Their Role

Human beings are success seeking creatures. We are goal orientated and want to achieve. The question is are you tapping into these human drivers with your organisational vision? 

We really like this quote from Jim Collins the well-known author, researcher and lecturer on the subject of company sustainability and growth. 



Today’s high performing employee wants to be part of something. They want to realise the vision of their organisation. That is why it’s important to have a vision and mission for your organisation that is both communicated and lived. 

Implementing this important first step then helps employees understand the importance and purpose of their role in the company. 

Having knowledge and understanding of their purpose builds a cohesive workforce where everyone knows what their purpose is, and how that purpose fits into the company’s goals.   

This sense of purpose is a core pillar of healthy business cultures. Everyone knows what they are here to do and why it matters. 

3. Teamwork is a ‘Must Do’ Priority

Though it’s a terribly corny statement; the true sense of the word team does stand for; Together, Everyone, Achieves, More and here is why. 



Growing organisations thrive on communication and its key to the success of many manufacturing projects – so why not engage in teamwork that develops a focus on achieving goals and building positive communication channels across the organisation? 

Remember that teamwork helps to facilitate open discussions which contribute to step 2 that we mentioned above; the process of employees understanding their role. 

A thriving company culture creates employees who are loyal, engaged and have a proud sense of ownership in their business. Looking at this list, how will you begin to transform your company culture into something compelling and exciting to be a part of? 


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