Recruitment in our industry can be challenging. It takes a well thought through and planned strategy, thorough screening, and the use of careful analysis to get it right.

Being in the grip of a skills short market as we are in this sector, a clear and specific job description is imperative if you want to attract the right candidates to your organisation.

As is often quoted, people grow organisations, not products and services; therefore getting your talent acquisition process mapped out with accurate job descriptions that identify the criteria of the candidate you are looking for is vital.

Job descriptions have been around since the invention of the career. However, the importance of a job description from a “big-picture” perspective is often overlooked. Many HR professionals and hiring managers put off updating or developing job descriptions because they simply don’t understand how valuable they can be.

The truth is, a great job description aligns people with the goals and vision of a company. They help to define the structure of an organisation, determine how talent needs will be met, and identify gaps in the responsibilities of different roles.

From a strategic perspective, these critical documents can help you to understand what level of functional experience is needed for any given job, and how each role fits within the hierarchy of your company.

From a tactical viewpoint, job descriptions work as an essential guide in all aspects of the employment lifecycle in the sector – from hiring and onboarding practices to setting salaries and managing performance.

When written correctly, a job description is a communication tool that solidifies corporate culture and creates value for employers and candidates alike.

This report is based on our own experience of what is working now when it comes to recruiting high performing employees in the manufacturing sector.

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