Recruitment Tips For Graduate Job Seekers

Make sure that you meet the requirements of the job that you apply for

Read the advert carefully, what skills and degree subject are required? If you studied mechanical engineering and the advert specifies a purchasing degree, they don’t apply! Make it a rule to only apply to jobs where you meet the minimum criteria, if you feel there is a grey area then call the recruiter or employer to check.

Be Quick and Apply Within The First 3 Days

Don’t keep putting that application off, apply straight away, research indicates that the sooner you apply the better chance you have of securing an interview.

Tailor Your Application

Review the job specification and highlight (not literally) the areas in which you meet the specification. For example if a position asks for customer service experience, then draw attention to any part-time jobs you had involving liaising with customers. Make sure that your CV contains the key terms and requirements that are listed in the specification (assuming you possess those skills).

Use a Covering Letter

This should be tailored to each job, but it can be helpful to start with a standard template.  The covering letter should be kept to a single page. Paragraph one could be a brief statement on why you are interested in the job, paragraph two could explain where your skills, experience and academic qualifications match the job specification, paragraph three can just be a simple statement referring the employer to your enclosed CV.

Sell Your Skills And Show What You Can Offer.

Remember in today’s competitive job market it’s down to you to explain what you can offer the employer, focus on what skills and experience you can bring to the role.

Cross Your T’s and Dot Your I’s

Goes without saying but check your spelling and grammar carefully! It’s always a good idea to get a trusted friend or relative to check the final version, unless you graduated in English in which case……

Use a Professional Subject Line and Email Address

If you’re emailing a job application, use professional subject lines that reference the position you’re applying for. Use an email address that incorporates the name on your CV. Jokey, offensive, flirtatious or sexual addresses do not give out the right impression as an example “” might not be the best. Make sure you check your email for responses on a regular basis and follow any instructions that are given.

Get ready for the call

Record a personalised and professional voicemail message for all the numbers listed on your CV.  Make sure you answer any calls from withheld or unknown numbers in a professional manner and in a suitable environment to have a professional conversation. Check your voicemail on a regular basis and return any calls promptly!

Follow Up

As a general rule follow up your application 1 week after the closing date, if no closing date is stated then follow up 1 week after your application. Watch out for any automatic responses and do don’t follow up if the response states that follow ups are not welcome!

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CV Tips for Graduates

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