Opting out of communications – you can opt-out or pause communications at any time. 

Flexible opt-out

If you wish to opt out of one or more methods of contact but are happy to be contacted by another please email info@sigmarecruitment.co.uk with your full name, and state which methods you want to unsubscribe from, for example, please unsubscribe from SMS/text, but continue to email and call me. Or please unsubscribe from email and SMS but continue to call me.

Caution on opt-out

If you opt out, but we see you are active again on the job boards, apply for a position handled by Sigma Recruitment, submit details on our website, engage with us on LinkedIn or submit details via email. We may contact you again, as it is reasonable to assume that you wish to be made aware of new jobs, and recruitment services again. If you don’t want to be contacted by Sigma or other recruitment agencies, remove your details from all the job boards you registered with; if you are active on the job boards, there is a risk that recruiters will contact you. If you don’t want to be contacted specifically by Sigma Recruitment, then email info@sigmarecruitment.co.uk with “permanent unsubscribe”. For clients or prospective clients, it’s likely that we will contact you again if you move to a new company with a new business email address, and or new telephone numbers. 


If you opt out of all communications, we will not be able to keep you updated with our latest jobs, and you may miss out on some fantastic opportunities.

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