Protecting your company from the excessive claims of job candidates in CV’s is essential in these difficult economic times.

Some job applicants have in the past looked to achieve a competitive edge by omitting damaging information or over emphasising their achievements on their CVs. This includes:

Many of you will recall the embarrassing interviews on the BBC “The Apprentice” programme where contestants are embarrassed with their embellished job and achievements claims, but in the real workplace job applicants not only risk embarrassment but may commit a criminal offence under the Fraud Act 2006. Recently CIFAS, the UK’s fraud prevention service, issued a warning that students may face imprisonment for lying on their CVs.

Of course not all job candidates over enthusiastic claims may be fraud, but can result in the employer making some very poor hiring decisions when the candidates skills and experience are found to be less than required.

To discover what you can do if you find out that a job candidate has lied in their CV check out the CIPD website for more information

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