Telephone interview advice

Are you finding it difficult to balance your existing work load to enable you to interview candidates for urgent vacancies? Then perhaps you should review your selection process and refine your telephone screening interviews.

The benefits of a telephone interview:

Telephone screening interviews – a structured approach.

The success of any telephone screening interviews is based upon ensuring a structured approach is used. This includes organising a well-planned 10-15 minute telephone conversation using competency based questions (at Sigma Recruitment we call these “crunch questions”), which focus on the essential requirements of the position as agreed with the line manager.

Examples of good competency based “crunch” questions to ask could be:-

How Sigma Recruitment can support

Why not work with us to produce a specific set of competency based “crunch” questions for each vacancy and let Sigma Recruitment conduct the telephone interviews, providing you with the candidates answers adding value to your recruitment process. Sigma Recruitment have 10 plus years’ experience of conducting effective telephone interviews.

To discuss further please call us on 02920 450100 or email

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