A quality engineer is a very important member of staff and in the present manufacturing climate, they are vital in ensuring that your business continues to not only survive, but also thrive.

engineering recruitment job agencies cardiff newport swanseaA quality engineer would typically be responsible for the following areas:

  • Collaborate with customers’ quality engineering personnel for the determination of critical features of parts, as well as review design manufacturability. Make recommendations for the modification of customer part tolerances and specifications as required for supporting production that is cost effective.
  • Provide operations with engineering support to ensure quality techniques are consistently applied.
  • Determine when to perform process capability and stability studies on existing processes.
  • Participate in activities of advanced product quality planning in determining the right utilization of new and existing measurement systems during design or startup of new tools or processes.
  • Coordinate the monitoring of the pre-launch production trial run process.
  • Promote and facilitate the use of appropriate techniques for problem solving to achieve effective analysis of root causes and successful corrective action.

A quality engineer will typically require qualifications and skills including:

  • Bachelors degree in engineering, preferably manufacturing or mechanical
  • 5-7 years of experience in the management of a certified quality management system (e.g. ISO).
  • Exceptional mechanical aptitude (i.e. an intuitive understanding of mechanical processes)
  • A proven track record in achieving continuous improvement of quality within a manufacturing environment.
  • Previous working experience with an organization that supplied to large OEM’s.
  • Experience in customer quality assurance.
  • Previous experience in auditing.
  • Experience in project management.
  • Certified quality engineer.
  • Visionary and strategic thinker – imaginative, thoughtful and entrepreneurial; can create a vision of a preferred future and communicate it clearly and enthusiastically to attract others to it. Fully grasps factors that influence strategy, and always takes action with the future in mind.

During the recruitment of a quality engineer it is important to focus on the most important needs of your business, as well as what you want the individual to achieve. For instance, do you expect this individual to oversee the installation of a lot of new equipment? Will the individual perhaps be more focused on training and developing existing staff? Will they be responsible for the implementation of lean tools into the company?
Naturally, every quality engineer will have their own strengths and weaknesses based upon their unique experience. As such, during recruitment, it is important to understand what the key focus is, so as to enable you to select the best person with the relevant skills that your organization requires.

This is where Sigma Recruitment comes in:

We maintain an established and manually built database of quality engineers based within the South Wales and South West regions. Every candidate is key worded individually and will be subjected to a thorough pre-screen prior to submission of their CV.
Our consultants have years of experience in understanding the needs of our clientele and take pride in our quality work. Before the commencement of any recruitment campaign, our consultants ensure that there is a thorough understanding of the role requirements. Upon receiving a job specification, our consultants will typically read through it, and then create a series of questions to discuss with the client, as a way of qualifying the areas that require our focus.

Once confident that we fully grasp what our client is searching for, we discuss the role with prospective candidates. These candidates are subjected to a thorough pre-screen, and those who are fit will be referred to the client via email. All our CV’s are presented in a format that is easy to read, and include our specialized Sigma Recruitment cover sheet. This includes the candidate location, notice period, salary details, and accompanying notes in which we clearly list the reasons why the candidate has been presented to you.
Sigma Recruitment is a recruitment agency in a league of its own. We look forward to your future business.

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