Sigma Recruitment is actively recruiting for graduates!Graduate recruitment agencies cardiff newport swansea

If you are a graduate looking for a position, then Sigma Recruitment can assist you to find a position with companies across Wales. We recruit on behalf of many of Wales’ leading companies who are actively looking to hire talented graduates.

Complete our video interview profile to showcase your skills and personality.

If you are looking for a new position, please complete our one-way video interview within the next seven days. This interview can be completed on your apple, android device or any computer with a webcam. Recording the interview will allow you to showcase your skills to a wide range of employers and will bring your CV to life! The interview can be recorded at your leisure and should take around 10 minutes to complete. This video profile will vastly boost your chance of securing a position!

We are interested in hearing from graduates who have qualified in one of the following areas:-

  • Mechanical / Automotive / Aerospace Engineering Graduates
  • Electrical Engineering Graduates
  • Materials Engineering Graduates
  • Electronic Engineering Graduates
  • Purchasing Graduates
  • Supply Chain Graduates
  • Logistics Graduates
  • Chemistry Graduates
  • Scientific Graduates
  • Language Graduates
  • Commercial Graduates
  • Food Science Graduates
  • Chemical Engineering
  • IT Graduates
  • Software Engineering Graduates
  • Metallurgy Graduates
  • Software Engineering Graduates
  • Pharmaceutical Graduates
  • Medical Engineering Graduates
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