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Job candidates – Don’t be afraid of Psychometric testing!example candidates

Psychometric tests are now utilised by around 70% of the largest companies in the UK. As a result they are a very important part of the job application process as the results which the psychologists feedback to a prospective employer will decide whether you go further in any job application.

Key advice for completing a psychometric test:

  • Always be yourself.  Always answer the questions truthfully , if you lie or try to portray someone you are not, you will get caught out when you are interviewed. A psychometric test is not only about finding the right candidate for the job, but also about finding out whether the job is the right one for the job interview candidate.
  • Look out for the lie test!. To ensure that you do not try to trick the test, randomly placed within the test are “test” questions. It is impossible to trick the test, so don’t try to!
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    Preparing For Psychometric Assessments

    Be decisive. When taking a personality questionnaire don’t tick the “don’t know” optionmore than a couple of times as this makes you look indecisive

  • Always ask for feedback. The psychometric test results belong to you , so ensure you ask for feedback as it is a great opportunity to discover which roles you are suited to.
  • Brush up on old skills. The numeracy tests used are set around GCSE level, but if you have not sat a maths test for a long time , check that you can remember how to undertake division and multiplication questions!

Before you undertake a psychometric test of any sort go online and download the many free tests that are available – this includes reasoning tests which ask you to identify patterns in shapes, numbers and symbols and alos verbal reasoning tests which ask you to provide answers that describe the outcome from various statements presented.

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