photonics industry walesLooking to recruit specialist photonics professionals in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, Bristol or the surrounding areas?

Photonics includes the development of technologies which depend on an understanding of light information and light energy. Professionals in this sector develop optical, electro-optical, and imaging systems, lasers, and fiber optics, among other light-dependent devices and systems.

The photonics sector in Wales is expanding rapidly thanks to recent growth in fields like solar energy, displays and lighting. It is widely envisaged that this sector will experience huge growth over coming years.

There are over 80 companies in Wales including Tata, Sharp and Qioptic, employing over 6000 people involved in the photonics industry.The Welsh Photonics industry is already developing a varied portfolio of expertise including areas in

  • Communications
  • Lasers, Photovoltaics
  • Optical storage
  • Holography.

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