Looking To Recruit

The Sigma Recruitment agency in Cardiff has over 14 years experience of recruiting within the manufacturing sector. Looking to recruit exceptional job vacancy candidates

Sigma Recruitment provides a variety of services for companies looking to recruit key personnel. The following services are available to companies looking to recruit specialist staff within the manufacturing, engineering and other specialist sectors we represent:

  • One-off recruitment support to find suitable job vacancy candidates for a particular position
  • Sigma Exclusive recruitment service – Let Sigma Recruitment recruit exclusively for a position and receive significant benefits – see below for more information
  • Sigma Escalator recruitment service – specials discounts for multiple job vacancy recruitment campaigns – see below for more information.

Why choose Sigma Recruitment?

Sigma Recruitment has one of the largest and most comprehensive recruitment candidate databases. In addition to this, we advertise with 5 of the UK’s largest national job boards. We are therefore in a position to provide clients with an outstanding selection of candidates across a wide range of skill sets. Sigma Recruitment has a 14 year proven track record of delivering the right candidates, at the right time and at a cost-effective price.

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