A manufacturing / production manager is an essential team member within a manufacturing company.  Moreover, in the current manufacturing climate, they are essential in ensuring an organisation continues to accordingly adapt and evolve.

recruitment agencies cardiff newport swanseaA manufacturing or production manager would typically be charged with the following responsibilities:

  • Direct and coordinate production, distribution, processing and marketing activities of the organisation.
  • Develop budgets and approve expenditures for materials, supplies and human resources, ensuring that labor, materials and equipment are efficiently utilised to meet production targets.
  • Review producion orders and processing schedules so as to facilitate decision making on staffing requirements, inventory requirements, duty assignments and work procedures, in accordance with time constraints and budgetary limitations.
  • Review operations and confer with administrative and technical staff for the resolution of processing or production problems.
  • Monitor and set production standards, examine raw product samples or directly test products during processing to ensure a prescribed quality for all finished products.
  •  Implement and develop production tracking and quality control systems; analyise production, maintenance, quality control and other operational reports in order to detect problems in production.

A manufacturing or production manager typically requires the following skills and qualifications:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in business administration, management, industrial technology, or industrial engineering.
  • A Master’s degree in industrial management or business administration (MBA).
  • Production processes, raw materials, quality control, costs, and other techniques for the maximisation of effective manufacture and distribution of products.
  • Management and business principles involved in production methods, resource allocation, strategic planning, leadership technique, human resources modeling, and proper coordination of employees and resources.
  • Methods and principles for curriculum and training design, instruction and teaching for individuals and groups, as well as measuring the effectiveness of training.
  • Motivate, develop, and direct staff as they work, and identify the best people for the task.
  • Monitor and assess performance of yourself, other individuals, or organizations so as to make improvements or take corrective action.

During the recruitment of a manufacturing or production manager, focus should be placed on what is most important to your company, and what the candidate ought to achieve. For instance, will this person be expected to oversee the development of new products and processes? Will they be required to prepare and maintain production reports and personnel records? Will they be responsible for the hiring and evaluation of new staff?

It goes without saying that each manufacturing/ production manager will possess strengths and weaknesses based on their own experience. It is therefore important to understand the key focus during recruitment, such that you are able to identify the person that possesses the best skill set you require.

And that’s where Sigma Recruitment comes in:

We possess a database of manufacturing/ production managers based within the South Wales and South West area, which has been manually established and built. Every candidate has been key worded individually and will undergo a thorough pre-screen before having their CV submitted.

Our consultants have the experience in grasping client requirements and take great pride in our professional services. Prior to the commencement of all recruitment campaigns, our consultants gain a thorough understanding of the role requirements. Upon receiving a job specification, our consultants read through it thoroughly and thereafter come up with questions to discuss with the client so as to qualify the areas that require focus.

Once we are confident that we understand fully what our client is seeking, we discuss the role with the prospective candidates. The candidates are then subjected to a thorough pre-screen and those we deem fit have their details emailed to you. All our CVs come in a format that is easy to read, and features our specialised Sigma Recruitment cover sheet. Also included are the notice period, candidate location, salary details and accompanying notes on which we clearly state our reasons for presenting the candidate to you.
Sigma Recruitment is miles ahead of other recruitment agencies.  We exist to help your business grow and look forward to your success.

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