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Insight into why employees leave a company can provide real assistance to an organisation – helping to improve employee retention.

Utilising the services of an impartial third party can ensure that you receive truthful and accurate feedback from employees through telephone, online or paper based exit interviews.

Sigma Recruitment provides exit interview services assisting employee retention by understanding the reasons behind their decisions to leave the organisation.

This includes:

  • Ascertaining the reason for an employee leaving
  • Confirming where they are moving to and why?
  • Highlighting any trends connected with benefits, length of service, promotion, legislation or terms and conditions
  • Receiving feedback on company policies to highlight areas of possible development
  • Finding out the positives about working for you and your team so that these can be extended
  • Receiving feedback on how employees perceive the company throughout a variety of issues including management, the working environment, pay and benefits, health and safety, corporate values and any other areas you wish to be informed about
  • Reducing the risk of tribunal cases by checking that race, gender, age or safety had no part to play in their decision to leave – such information if fed back to you immediately if this is found to be the case.

In addition to the above more practical elements can also be covered which are often forgotten or missed and which can often cost a company considerable amounts of money.

This can include:

  • Checking with the employee that all equipment is returned and making arrangments for this
  • Reminding the employee of his or her confidentiality obligations and also if applicable any restraint of trade practices they must abide by

Exit interviews can make sure that any employee leaving the company obtains a positive image of the company.

Sigma Recruitment provides bespoke reports for your organisation so that as things change in your business, your exit interviews will report back to you any adverse or positive impact on practices in the organisation.

Benefits of using a third party for undertaking exit interviews:

  • Provides important information on what employees really think!
  • Ensures that employees feel confident to tell the real reasons why they are leaving – often they are reticent to tell a HR or line manager the reasons!
  • Exit interviewing is often a job that is overlooked as the business is too busy looking after the staff that are remaining
  • Cost effective way to obtain vital management information
  • As a tool for measuring employee satisfaction it can improve staff retention and highlight practices that demotivate employees

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