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CV Writing Offer from Sigma Recruitment

If you would like to have your CV written professionally then look no further. Sigma have partnered with a leading CV writing service based in the UK and negotiated a discounted rate exclusively for our candidates.

How Much Would it Cost to Have a CV professionally Written?


  • 0-5 Years Work experience, normal price £159, Reduced price: £129
  • 5-10 Years Work experience, normal price £199, Reduced price: £155
  • 10 Years plus Work experience, normal price £259, Reduced price: £199

If you would like to have your CV professionally written, in the first instance, attach your existing CV and fill in the details on the form on the page and a professional CV writer will review your CV and get in touch with you to explain how the process works.

Could a Professional CV Writing Service Help You To Get Interviewed?Sigma Recruitment job vacancies

As you can probably imagine, the team at Sigma view a lot of CVs, on average our consultants see thousands of CVs each week. If your CV does not stand out immediately and catch our attention, the chances are that you won’t get contacted or interviewed as there are so many candidates with good CVs.

Does Your CV Sell You?

Like it or not, the CV is a selling document. A new employer is interested in what you can do for them. Highlighting your achievements is a great way to do this. Your track record is sometimes the only thing that a potential new employer has to look at when deciding whether to interview you or not. Make sure that your achievements are highlighted, not just your experience and your skills.

Keyword Optimising Your CV

When we are searching for suitable candidates, one of the first things we do is to write up a list of skills and experience that an ideal candidate must have examples would be “Lean Manufacturing”, “Production Management”, “PLC Programming”. Industry specific experience is also searched for (e.g. Automotive, Aerospace, Plastics, FMCG). We will then interrogate our internal and third party databases using these key terms. If your CV isn’t optimised to include your key skills, experience, background and qualifications then we probably won’t find you.

Laying the CV Out Clearlycurriculum vitae job recruitment Cardiff Wales

It stands to reason that your CV should be easy to read. If this web page wasn’t professionally laid out using clear colours, fonts and formatting then you wouldn’t be reading it. Your CV needs to be neatly laid out, easy to read in a clear font of at least 10 point (preferably 11) and most importantly free from spelling and grammatical errors.

Your Competitors Use a CV Writing Service

The majority of people that use a Professional CV Writing service understand that sometimes you need a competitive advantage. Using a Professional CV Writing Service gives them an advantage over you. Sigma Recruitment have teamed up with one of the UKs leading CV Writing Services who can help you gain that competitive advantage.

A Professional CV Writing Service Solves These Problems

If you are struggling with getting interviewed or don’t feel that you have the necessary skills to write a CV professionally then having your CV professionally written can make a real difference to your job search. Please fill in the form if you are interested in learning more about this service.

How Do I Know If My CV Is Any Good?

The truth is that if your CV is good (and it is being placed correctly and you have the right experience and track record) then your CV will get you interviewed. If the CV isn’t working, you won’t be getting interviewed so something has to change.

Please complete the form at the top right of this page to order your CV writing service, provided by a CV Writing Expert.


Purchase Your CV Review

You can upload you CV by selecting a file from your computer or through cloud storage services including Dropbox and Google Drive. If on a mobile device, select the service by clicking on the menu icon at the top when choosing your file.

Please ensure the file is smaller than 2 megabytes. You may upload .DOC .RTF .WPS or .PDF files only.

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