Finding the role you want by using a specialist recruitment company like
ourselves is one thing, then excelling at the interview process is something
else; especially when organisations are increasingly using competency-based

Today’s employers are searching for effective ways to improve their recruitment
procedures, increasing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the overall hiring
process. The more accurate their search for a candidate is, the more likely they
are to find the right fit for their company culture first-time around.
This means that careful applicant selection can lead to a more efficient and
effective interview process, employing the right candidate first time, which can
result in improved team morale and a stronger skilled and motivated group of

Competency-based interviews, otherwise known as “situational” or “behavioural”
interviews are an increasingly popular solution for companies and businesses
throughout the UK.

Unfortunately, if you are not prepared for a competency-based interview, you
could easily miss out on that role in a company that can move your career

Here is a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about the
competency-based recruitment process so that you can stand out in your next

In this guide, we share a step by step approach, which includes:

• Practice and preparation
• Example scenarios to use
• Effective Body language
• …. and even what to wear

This report is based on our own experience of how our successful candidates
have secured the role they want.

The Ultimate Guide to Competency-Based Interviews

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